Hermès Launches Pop-Up Laundromat To Attract Luxury Shoppers

What Happened
Hermès has launched a series of pop-up laundromats in Strasbourg, Amsterdam, Munich, and Kyoto to attract luxury shoppers with a free scarf-cleaning service. Customers can bring in their old silk scarves to the so-called Hermèsmatic for cleaning and a dye-job. Each pop-up also features a store selling scarves in signature patterns from the brand.

What Brands Should Do
This is a prime example in brands offering a useful service to capture customers and elevate brand equity. This campaign provides Hermès with a physical space to not only plug their scarf line but also a chance to connect with customers beyond products. Taco Bell’s pop-up VR arcade in New York last week also followed a similar strategy. In the age of Peak Distraction and Ad Avoidance, more brands can truly benefit from this brand-as-a-service approach and connect with consumers today with services that align with their brand message.

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Source: WWD