Audi Launches On-Demand Car Rental Program

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Audi has launched its “Audi on demand” service as a pilot program in San Francisco, which offers daily rentals of a variety of Audi models, ranging from Audi A5 for $200 per day up to an R8 Spyder for $1,285 per day. While the rate is significantly higher than other car rental services like Zipcar, Audi is clearly hoping leverage its brand prestige into capturing the upscale segment of the on-demand car market, much like what its direct competitor BMW is doing with its carsharing program DriveNow.

Moreover, Audi seems committed to building a mobile-first user experience, in which starting, locking, and unlocking the car all takes place through a designated app. It does, however, come with a digital key card as a backup just in case your phone dies.