Chinese mobile web market is booming

Recently, the Chinese government renewed Google’s license to operate its search engine business in China. Although uncertainties over Google’s future prospects in the Chinese internet market still remain, Google has expanded its presence in the emerging Chinese mobile internet market by ambitiously pushing its Android mobile operating system in the past half year. China, the world’s largest online market and also one of the fastest-growing mobile web markets, is becoming a competitive arena for Google and many other foreign companies who have set their eyes on the tantalizing growth of the mobile Internet around the world.

Early birds in the Chinese mobile web space, like Google and Apple, have faced challenges from a unique cultural market and have adapted their businesses to the local environment accordingly. And despite some early stumbles, they have also secured some small victories worth noting. In fact, these experiences can serve as useful lessons for marketers looking to tap into new opportunities to extend their branding efforts in China. Continue reading “Chinese mobile web market is booming”