CES 2014: Innovid & Cisco Debut New Targeted Second Screen Ads

Innovid and Cisco are showing their new advertising technology at CES this week. The idea is to target second screen apps based on what the user is watching, and to do it, Innovid and Cisco are working with cable providers to analyze content in real time and identify key-words from shows on-air to serve relevant advertising content onto second screens in users’ hands. For instance, if you’re watching a talk show and the host is talking about tablets, they can serve a tablet-related ad; if you’re watching a commercial about a tablet on TV, the tablet might bring you to the product page to learn more about the device. Even if someone doesn’t have a Comcast or Time Warner app open, they can still send push notifications. And with the partners’ approach of working with cable operators, it’s possible to integrate this type of second-screen targeting into larger campaigns. This will be a very interesting technique to keep a close eye on for advertisers and developers of campaigns going forward.