Deca: Online audiences are “tribes”

Deca TV on the future of online content (Momversations/IPG Lab's Content Tuesday)This week as a part of an ongoing webinar series on online content opportunities, the IPG Emerging Media Lab welcomed Michael Wayne, President and CEO of DECA (Digital Entertainment Corporation of America). DECA is not about big splashy production, or name Hollywood talent – instead they are successfully delivering content that is “of the Web, by the Web, and for the Web.” Their programming model is focused on creating information based formats that leverage already established web talent in verticals like Moms and Cooking. We see DECA as a leader in the emerging content space and great partner for brands that are looking to dip a toe or jump head first into the waters of emerging content.

We are asking Content Tuesday presenters to answer a set of questions about their business and the emerging content industry. We think each of these POVs will be a valuable resource as we look to collectively shape best practices and bring solutions to our clients. After the jump, hear from Michael about what DECA is doing in the online content space, and what the company sees for the future of online video. Continue reading “Deca: Online audiences are “tribes””