What We Learned From The Digiday Retail Summit

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Last week we closely followed the coverage of the Digiday Retail Summit, where executives from the retail world came together to talk about the future of retail and the challenges facing the industry. A lot was discussed, but two themes stood out for us:

Attribution technology still needs work

With the growing number of devices and the dizzying array of ad types, cross-channel attribution keeps fracturing ad measurements. Insiders from the retail industry are increasingly impatient for the attribution technology to be precise enough to pinpoint exactly where their sale is coming from, but it looks like we might still need a few years for it to fully catch up.

Digital retail starts to converge with physical stores

As online commerce starts to circle back into physical space and converge with brick-and-mortar, how to efficiently make both work together poses an ongoing challenge for retailers today. Some are willing to experiment with cutting-edge technologies to tackle the challenge. Lowe’s, for instance, is using 3D virtual-reality rooms in their physical stores that allow customers to see a 3D model of their renovation projects.