Amazon Wants You To Pay With Amazon Payments Anywhere Online

What Happened
Amazon is expanding its Amazon Payments Global Partner Program to help more ecommerce platform providers and merchants remove payment friction and combat shopping cart abandonment. Previously, individual merchants could sign up to integrate Amazon’s online payment solution into their sites to allow shoppers to check out with their Amazon account payment info. Now, Amazon is bringing this integration to ecommerce platforms, such as PrestaShop, Shopify, and Future Shop, to further expand the reach of its payment service and solidify its leading position in the ecommerce space.  

What Retailers Need To Do
By allowing customers to check out with the credit card information they have on file with Amazon, e-retailers can make it easier for customers to complete their purchases and facilitate more sales. A recent study shows that 46% of shopping cart abandonments occur at the payment stage. Therefore, it would be smart for retailers to consider adding support for “Pay with Amazon” and win over customers with a frictionless shopping experience.

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Source: TechCrunch

Header image courtesy of Amazon Payments