How Snapchat Revived Its Discover Content Channel

What Happened
Partners of Snapchat’s Discover content channel are reporting quite positive results since the popular messaging app revamped its layout two week ago to give Discover content to give Discover content more, ahem, discoverability, as well as, adding a shareable feature to Discover content. Snapchat claims that half of its 100 million daily users visited the Discover section in the past month, while publisher partners like Daily Mail and Hearst also reported huge spikes in views and engagement. Discover, which launched with 11 media publishers in January, hasn’t yet lived up to the expectations of some partners around traffic and ad revenue. It was under fire earlier this year for overcharging for its ads, and the company quickly dropped its ad price to a much more reasonable two cents per view.

What Brands Should Do
With the revamped Discover section seemingly delivering the good results that Snapchat had hoped for, it could be a good time for brands and advertisers, especially those seeking to reach the younger audiences, to consider looking into Snapchat’s content channel and its ad units.


Source: Digiday