Digital graffiti makes a mark

In its nascent stage, digital technologies seemed to excel at redirecting people away from the physical environment and into the digital universe. But now, with technologies like motion sensors and other human computing interfaces, people are able to share messages and art in their environment by digitally spraying graffiti with (or without) a mobile “aerosol” on their physical surroundings, and re-engage with their physical environments in entirely new ways. Digital graffiti breaks through the constraints of the physical environment, opens up a kaleidoscopic of new possibilities for people to interact with their surroundings, and demonstrates a crossroads where the physical environment and digital world can potentially meet for exciting opportunities.

Thanks to these new technologies, this digital magic can be performed in a natural and intuitive way. When users can add a layer of their own color to the environment and create an augmented reality experience, a more intimate relationship between people and their surroundings emerges. Continue reading “Digital graffiti makes a mark”