Trying to make a tweet

(ExecTweets)While the “what do I need Twitter for?” refrain is still being sung from coast to coast, and as the micro-blogging service still struggles to find its business model, others are quietly finding ways to capitalize on the enormous success of Twitter in the marketing realm. Hats off to Microsoft, McCann Worldgroup and Federated Media (the Lab is a fan of all y’all) who announced a new partnership called “ExecTweets.”

Mark Ruxin, Chief Innovation Officer at MWG says the collaboration “is an effort to create a destination publishing platform for Microsoft targeted at Business Decision Makers looking to glean real-time business insights from leading Fortune 500 executive level Tweeters, and prominent technology executives.” Not to mention building loyalty with a brand in an intimate, addictive environment. (Turns out Jennifer Aniston broke up with John Mayer after discovering his loyalties to Twitter were stronger than the bonds of love between them, so watch out!)

Meanwhile, Twitter appears not to be sure what hit them, Continue reading “Trying to make a tweet”