FitStar Launches Customized Fitness App

Exercise apps and other ways of quantifying the self are appearing left and right, but today sees a newcomer with a slightly different approach enter the fray. FitStar blends fitness training videos with quantifiable methods of measurement into one app platform. It creates a customized workout routine on the iPad, pieced together from 80 different exercises that are guided by all-star tight end Tony Gonzalez. By voluntarily entering fitness level data, the program offers a brief assessment and thereafter algorithmically tailors the mostly body-weight exercises to your level. It gets harder as you get stronger, and is also looking to incorporate weight-lifting videos into the app in the near future. And every time the app launches, a new routine is created to keep the user from getting bored with one set of workouts. It also sees partnerships with other apps like FitBit, which will more seamlessly integrate fitness data like heart-rate and cardiovascular health into the algorithm, which will further tailor the increasing permutations of videos to the individual.