Your creative deptartment’s new BFF

Who is your creative dept's BFF? (Flickr/sirmightymac)Adobe recently went from near irrelevant in mobile marketing to king-of-the-hill. While Flash has taken online rich media by storm, a few months ago it was barely supported on any mobile handsets, and for the few which did claim Flash support, it was an incarnation that was bordering on painful. How quickly things can change in today’s mobile market.

The big news has been the addition of iPhone and iPod Touch-compatible file export from Flash Professional CS5. Flash developers can take existing or new Flash assets and use those to create iPhone apps with minimal optimization, and no knowledge of Objective C (which is what iPhone apps are written in). For creative agencies (and the media agencies trying to get those creative agencies to support an iPhone app) this is great news. Continue reading “Your creative deptartment’s new BFF”