When did you first hear about Twitter?

This week was a big week for the Lab. Not only did Google announce a new feature for Gmail that finally cracks the code on un-sending emails that were a bad idea, and not only did our favorite video recording device, Flip Video get bought for a ton of cash by Cisco, but the Lab has been immortalized in our first-ever cartoon by Ad Land on AdWeek:

AdLand's take on Twitter (AdWeek)

See David T. Jones’  full Ad Land cartoon.

And yes, we too have given up and are throwing ourselves at the mercy of Twitter.

CES 2009: Famed blogger on ’09 trends

I caught up with All Things D and bigwig industry reporter Kara Swisher at CES today. Swisher moderated a panel called “What will they think of next, Consumer Technology in 2025” that featured panelists including VPs from Lenovo, Intel, and Qualcomm. After the panel and a little “Where-in-the-world-is-Yahoo” guilty-pleasure chatter* between us, Swisher shared a few thoughts on trends in online and emerging media for the coming year–and if she thinks there is a fail-safe place for advertisers to hedge their sacred bets this year:

Other than this insight from Swisher, the main takeaways from the panelists was four-fold:

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