Gartner Predicts .01% Apps Financially Successful in 2018

Apps are not suitable for every brand and service and new forecasts from Gartner drive that point home.  Based on their predictions, only .01% of apps will be considered financially successful by their developers by 2018. While that is a subjective value, it is clear that most apps are not breadwinners, failing to attract an audience for advertising and unlikely to spark in-app purchase. In fact, Gartner is also forecasting that 94.5% of downloads will be free in 2017, further driving that point home.

A brand may not necessarily develop an app to generate new revenue streams as they seek engagement and awareness.  That said, branded apps still need to provide utility or at the very least entertainment. More importantly, they must sustain engagement ruling out the possibility for campaign-specific apps.

Gartner Reports PC Shipments Down 5% In Q4

If you’re wondering why there is a lack of PC news at the Lab, it’s for good reason. Gartner has just released numbers indicating a 4.9% drop in PC shipments from 2011. This appears to be due in large part to the growth of mobile as attention shifts towards mobile. While tablet owners aren’t ditching the PC just yet, they are not upgrading models at nearly the same rate.

Healthcare on-demand

Healthcare on-demand (iStock)Earlier this week, I attended the Health 2.0 conference in San Francisco. While it may feel like the healthcare industry is still lacking inertia to evolve when it comes to technology, there is at least one emerging market that continues to innovate: Online Care.

The concept of connecting with the right physician for you from the comfort of your own home and, having an online consultation is already here thanks to new Web-based platforms such as American Well Systems. During a conference deep dive, CEO, Roy Schoenberg, provided an interesting peak into where Online Care (previously known as “in absentia healthcare) stands today, and where it’s going. Continue reading “Healthcare on-demand”