Mobile visual search – GetFugu or get Google?

Visual search on mobile phones - GetFugu or get Google?As mobile continues to develop, the world of search on mobiles is heating up. Recently, Google launched Google Goggles, an experiment from the search giant in visual search. The Lab reached out to their partner GetFugu to find out how Google’s release changes the landscape in respect to GetFugu’s visual and audio search product. Rich Jenkins, EVP of Biz Dev and Co-founder got back to us with these answers.

The Lab: To what extent does GetFugu see Google Goggles as a threat?

Frankly, we don’t see them as a threat but more as an affirmation of the value of our platform and the consumer-appropriateness of our technology.  The Google environment is really the same old search results environment simply reached another way.

Brands still have to fight through all the clutter just differently.  Getfugu gives brands and consumers a direct link to each other and circumvents the noise inherent in search results.  We like to call it “Direct Connect”.  Our technology is unique in the way we help brands and consumers share in a fun, dynamic and interesting environment. I suppose if you want an antiseptic consumer experience then they are a threat.

The Lab: What are the key differentiators between GetFugu’s solution and Google Goggles in terms of the underlying technology? Continue reading “Mobile visual search – GetFugu or get Google?”