Get rid of the “TV” from “3D TV”

Get rid of the "TV" in "3DTV" (iStock)Walking around CES, one thing was very clear: The consumer electronics industry is betting big on 3D. Many approach the promise of 3D with a very bullish perspective, but I tend toward a bearish outlook.

3D has a number of obstacles in reaching consumers. For one, consumers are still confused about the HDTV transition, and just as the majority of the market is wrapping their head around the terms and technology, the industry is pushing for exponential layers of complexity. Refresh rates? 3D channels? Glasses? And that last one is perhaps the biggest hurdle.

As I went from booth to booth, I kept looking at the displays of the 3D TVs and asked myself the same question “why the heck do I need those glasses?” (I know the technical answer – but it was more an emotional response to the idea presented). Finally, at the fifth booth highlighting the solution, I started to think “if they convince me to wear those glasses, isn’t the real question ‘why the heck do I need the TV?’” Continue reading “Get rid of the “TV” from “3D TV””

Best and worst of CES 2009

Best and worst of CES 2009 (iStock)When exploring a huge show like CES, it’s inevitable that you will discover that not all manufacturers give equal thought to their products.  Some will shine with obvious innovation. A great many will barely register above a yawn.  And some will leave you shaking your head in disbelief.

Here are just a few that fall into these categories…

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