Apple’s Healthbook Will Work Beyond Traditional Fitness

Apple’s Healthbook is the fitness and health tracking app that will, reportedly, interface with an Apple smart device. Many have speculated that Apple are working on an all-in-one smart-watch plus fitness tracker, and the latest Healthbook leaks serve to confirm those rumors. Resembling the Passbook design, the app appears to track almost all health parameters, from heart rate to blood sugar levels. Users will enter some of their own data – like what they’v eaten – but much of the data will have to come from third party sources (that, ideally in Apple’s world, use the M7 motion processor), which is where the speculation around an iWatch comes in. Rumors of the Healthbook started earlier in 2013 when Apple met with the FDA, and this serves, in large part, as confirmation that a full suite of tracking functions are coming to one of the most popular mobile operating systems in the near future. Fitness tracking is here to stay – and is only gaining momentum.