Leap Motion Partners With HP

Leap Motion announced on Tuesday that it will partner with Hewlett-Packard to bring the startup’s now-famous motion-control technology to HP devices. The announcement didn’t specify what sorts of devices would be supported with Leap’s technology built in, but any machine with Leap’s technology embedded within it will include  a pre-loaded version of Airspace, Leap Motion’s app-store. According to Leap, the announcement has been coming for a year, and have done a lot of R&D work already to integrate with HP’s products. Before built-in Leap products arrive, HP will sell bundles, where a standalone Leap controller is sold along with a PC, much like Leap’s current deal with Asus earlier this year. But when built-in products arrive, it will be the first time that Leap’s technology will actually be embedded within another manufacturer’s products. According to HP, the technology will add an insubstantial amount of weight to any product. Expect to find the motion-control sensor, which connects to PC via USB, on sale on May 13 for $79.99.