Imgur Debuts New Native Ad Product

What Happened
Popular image-sharing site Imgur is rolling out a native ad product that aims to help brands effectively reach its predominantly millennial male users on mobile. The new Promoted Post does not feature any targeting capability as the posts will appear in all Imgur users’ shared content stream, but it does support autoplay videos besides GIFs and still images. Launch partners for this native ad product include eBay, Square Enix, and New Form.

What Brands Need To Do
Dubbed “Pinterest for guys,” Imgur reaches a specific set of nerdy, young male online audience that could be difficult for brands to reach. To help brands better connect with its audience, Imgur has an in-house creative team that works with brand advertisers on creating that kind of branded content that would resonate with its users. As our study on branded content has shown, native ads are less intrusive and more effective than most other ad units, which is only more significant in the context of consumers’ growing aversion to ads.

For more information on how brands should leverage interesting branded content to earn consumer attention, check out the Ad Avoidance section of our Outlook 2016.


Source: AdWeek

How Old Spice Is Winning With Native Ads On Imgur

What Happened
Old Spice has launched a native ad campaign on Imgur, an image-sharing community of 150 million – mostly millennial male – users, which makes it a good fit for the men’s deodorant brand. The brand’s sponsored post utilizes popular memes of the platform, and also engages Imgur users with self-aware language and challenging users to “gif wars,” a popular form of voting contest unique to the platform. The campaign has received very positive responses so far, racking up over 750 comments under its launch post.

What Brands Should Do
With the increasing usage of ad-blockers (for more on this, read our newest Fast Forward feature), more and more brands are turning to native ads to combat the viewability issue. Old Spice worked with Imgur’s in-house creative team to create branded content that fits the platform, and their familiarity with its community shined through. For brands that are considering native ads for content marketing, this example is further proof that tailoring your ad content and format to the platform of choice gives the best chance of success.


Source: Digiday

Header image taken from Old Spice’s Launch Post on Imgur