FABtotum Is The Next Gen 3D Printer/Scanner/Mill

FABtotum is breaking the mold when it comes to 3D printing. By incorporating a milling head, the device supports both additive and subtractive manufacturing, and can be used for far more than the average home or office 3D printer.  The device also supports third-party tool attachments, allowing expandable capability.  Possibly the greatest addition to the FABtotum is its built-in 3D scanner which uses laser scanning and Z probing to create scans with a precision down to 0.47 microns.  The project is currently raising funds on IndieGoGo, but with a final expected retail price of $1,099, it can be expected to be a hot commodity for those who have been waiting to pull the trigger on a Makerbot or similar 3D printer.  The device’s expandable capability set and scanning functions only serve to make it an even more valuable asset.