Why Twitter has not jumped the shark

Has Twitter jumped the shark? (iStock)If I had a nickel for everytime someone asked me What is hot right now? I’d be twittering off my yacht in the Côte d’Azur.

In a recent meeting with some of my fellow digerati we were pitching ideas to get a client excited about  what new’s in the media landscape and all of them declared, Twitter is dead…it’s over. But I think there’s plenty of life left in our friend Twitter.

We are at an interesting crossroads with Twitter, Facebook and a lot of other overly hyped platforms. In many cases, it’s not about the solution itself but about how people are leveraging the data and behavior surrounding that platform and hence, their API’s (application programming interfaces – see my recent article on using APIs for content delivery). Continue reading “Why Twitter has not jumped the shark”

Is Twitter the perfect fad?

twitterfad4From 1980 onward, conversations were happening on a broad scale online. First on Usenet, then on IRC, then AIM chat rooms, and then Internet forums. And now Twitter. At each evolutionary step of the meta-conversation, previous incarnations die off in favor of newer, better features. Right now a lot of people are asking if Twitter is a fad. And it probably is. But it has all the makings of the perfect fad.

I call Twitter the “perfect fad” because it brings together three elements that have ideally aligned: Digestibility, Search, and Scale. Continue reading “Is Twitter the perfect fad?”