Millenials Spend More Time Watching TV Content On Other Devices

A study from Deloitte has found that teens and younger twentysomethings spend more time watching TV shows and movies on other devices than their TV. Not surprisingly, desktop was leading the charge as the greatest TV competitor while approximately 8% of all viewing occurred on a gaming device. These stats point to why Chromecast and Roku streaming sticks are gaining traction as they couple the interactivity of mobile with the larger display of TV.

What To Expect From Smart TVs In The Coming Years

From connected TVs to streaming devices like Roku and Boxee, the Smart TV space is experiencing a great deal of growth. According to One Touch Intelligence, Smart TVs have a 22% U.S.penetration while over the Top Devices take 11% so what is leading consumers embracing the tech? It appears that richer content and interactivity are the driving force with apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime accessible on most platforms in addition to exclusive licensing deals from broadcast and cable networks and interactive elements like t-commerce capabilities.  For now, the space is extremely fragmented but our prediction is that dedicated streaming devices will win out as they are display agnostic.

Amazon Likely To Create Set-Top Box

Amazon is rumored to be launching a set-top box this fall, bringing their content into the living room. Amazon has already had quite a bit of success with their Instant Video service so it makes sense to expand their distribution platforms. While Amazon Instant Video can be accessed via other over-the-top services like Roku, their dedicated device would allow them to feature their services more prominently. Time will tell if they decide to include other competitive content providers like Netflix within their ecosystem.

Early Details On The PlayStation 4

Sony’s press conference revealed some interesting details regarding the PlayStation 4 which should drop holiday season. The flagship gaming console will have second screen integration with the PS Vita which acts as a controller. Additionally, there will be social features allowing users to share their gameplay via Ustream and Facebook which could be very interesting for gaming brands looking to grow community.