Lowe’s Uses Vine For Spring Campaign

Many marketers have experimented with Vine thus far, but none have fully embraced the six second video medium for a full fledged campaign. This spring, though, Lowe’s is doing just that. The home improvement retailer has put out dozens of Vines featuring home improvement tips; some of the most popular include how to remove a stripped screw, how to get rust off knives, and how to use pillow cases to organize sheets. Vine, for Lowe’s, simply provided the perfect medium to make them sharable, and simultaneously show off their products at work. It has created a very wide body of work very quickly for very little money, and thus far the results have been very promising for the company. It remains to be seen if this strategy will be broadly applicable to other brands, but for a social medium that is only three months old, having a full fledged media campaign isn’t a bad start at all.