Google Partners With EdX

EdX, a not-for-profit online learning program founded by Harvard and MIT, announced a partnership with Google to develop an open-source learning platform. Called Open EdX, the platform will be used to build out, which will be what wordpress is to blog publishing, but for open sourced courses. It will be a free way for businesses, universities, and individuals to build and host courses, on the cloud, for any topic, in any format, across a global audience. Presently, the MOOC platforms include Coursera, Udacity, Canvas, and NovoEd, which collectively have many other university partners. The ultimate goal, it seems, isn’t quite defined yet; MOOC could open itself up to a full online degree program, it could function alongside traditional degree programs, or it could even just provide supplemental education for those interested in learning. It’s a powerful partnership, so it will be worth watching its development.