Now You Can Text On A Smartwatch, If You Want To

Unsatisfied with voice-to-text input currently available on Android Wearables, Minuum, among a variety of attempting tech companies, has become the first company to put out a working demo of type-input system designed for the tiny screens of smartwatches. The demo made the typing look smooth and effortless, if a bit slow, and the company claims that because the “keyboard design embraces the expectation of sloppy typing”, it totally works.

However, the company seems to be overlooking the extra effort that regular consumers have to put in to get used to this linear keyboard, not to mention the frustration it would no doubt evoke for users with even slightly chubby fingers. Wearable tech like smartwatches are great for notifications and data tracking, and definitely less so for texting. You can certainly text on your watch if you want to, but at that point, why don’t you just take out your phone?