Boxee, Roku get infusion of cash

Boxee, Roku get more cash--but why? (Boxee)Over the top digital media browsers (or set top boxes) are on fire with two players receiving major investments in the last two  weeks.  Boxee, a software based digital media browser has just closed a round of financing  for 6 million and Roku, a broadband set top box solutions has just secured $8.4 million in new venture capital financing from Menlo Ventures.

Boxee’s software enables users to engage with content stored on their PC and can be used on any type of monitor connected to that PC, paving the way for another living room on demand solution.  Boxee strives to improve the consumer’s content experience by enabling a number of social features to allow sharing of content and suggestions in a very robust manner.  The bulk of the investment comes from General Catalyst Partners who will also have a board seat.  Boxee hopes that the  GC relationship will “strengthen [their] relationships with big media and cable companies.”  Boxee learned the hard way with an early battle with Hulu who blocked use of their portal on the Boxee platform.   But Boxee already has steep competition from other browser based solutions as well as hardware solutions. Continue reading “Boxee, Roku get infusion of cash”