Mohu Releases New Channels Device

Mohu, most commonly known for its Leaf antennas that rival companies like Aereo, announced a new device called Channels that inserts a new rival into the cord-cutter sphere. The Channels product, which will go to a Kickstarter next week, will cost $79, and is a small attachment that fits between the Leaf antenna and the TV itself to compliment over-the-air HDTV with Internet streaming. The interface is designed to be consumer facing, so even beginners who don’t know much about streaming can readily access the device. While watching, the user scrolls between channels like they would on a regular channel guide – even Netflix, Hulu, and other streamed options. So it’s reasonable to think that one could hit the channel up button on the remote and switch from CBS to Netflix, something that levels the playing field between “regular” TV and streaming services in such a way as to make the average consumer comfortable and intuitively ready to watch.