Ashton Kutcher Brings Attention To TapTalk

Right after the World Cup Final ended on Sunday, celebrity tech-enthusiast (and sometimes, investor) Ashton Kutcher took it to Twitter to shill a new messaging app called TapTalk to his 16 million unsuspected followers. Pretty much a simplified Snapchat with an instant “tap-and-send” interface, TapTalk was developed by Berlin-based company Onno Faber. It is unclear whether Kutcher has invested in this particular app, but he had taken a shine to other companies in Berlin in the past. It also remains unclear if enough percentage of Mr. Kutcher’s followers would give TapTalk a try to help it break into the U.S. market. But given that Gen Z, the major force behind the rise of messaging apps, is very fluid and fickle when it comes to their platform choices, such conversion is at least possible.