Now You Can Order Papa John’s Pizza On Apple TV

What Happened
Papa John has introduced an Apple TV app for people to order pizza straight from their couches, beating its rival Domino’s to become the first pizza delivery brand to bring online ordering to Apple TV. Users are encouraged to log into their Papa John’s accounts to facilitate a seamless checkout experience. To celebrate the launch, the company is applying a 25% discount automatically to all orders made through its Apple TV app.

What Brands Need To Do
When Apple debuted the 4th generation Apple TV last fall, its ecommerce feature was one of the key highlights we suggested brands to look into. At the moment, Papa John’s Apple TV app lacks integration with its loyalty program and Apple Pay, leaving some room for improvement. For brands that wish to reach customers across all digital sales channels, Apple TV is one of the new frontiers for brands to explore as ecommerce evolves.

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Source: 9to5Mac