Pertino Launches Small Business Cloud Network

Pertino, an Internet startup, today debuted their cloud-based, hardware-free network for small businesses. They use Amazon Web Services (AWS), which makes it possible for businesses to create secure, online networks through integration of a combination of its software and AWS data centers. Businesses log into Pertino and connect to a data plane that routes them to their network that’s managed by their service called software-defined networking. People can file share or use the network to create a remote desk service. 

Now in a limited beta run, Pertino has installed its software in data centers worldwide, from Sydney to Sao Paolo. As the AWS network is nearly global, Pertino can expand its reach into nearly any expanding network, and aims to take out hardware systems made by companies like Cisco and Juniper. As it stands, more and more companies are moving to software-based cloud networks for streaming, data storage, and file transfer, rendering traditional hardware storage and transfer systems nearly obsolete. For now, Pertino is competing with other companies like Big Switch Networks and Nicera, but Pertino is specifically targeted to small businesses and startups, with a cost of $10 per person. For now, Pertino is only compatible with Windows 7, but executives say cross-OS compatibility will be coming later this year.