Who is Leading In OTT Video Market?

Amazon, Netflix and Hulu are undoubtedly the top three players in today’s over-the-top video streaming market, but which one of them is taking the lead? According to a recent study conducted by Piper Jaffray & Co., Netflix is certainly winning in the general content-licensing front, which continues to outpace Amazon’s subscription-video service. But when it comes to TV shows, Hulu Plus remains ahead of Netflix, delivering “nearly three times as many recent top-rated shows as Netflix”. But Amazon still have the secret weapon of exclusive quality content, especially with its recent deals with HBO and CBS. Xbox recently lifted its limitation of access to both Hulu and Netflix, signaling a deeper integration and wider infiltration of the SVod services. All in all, they are all flawed winners in this fast-growing market. And together the internet-based content provider will continue to take over the content market from the traditional providers, even after the recent supreme court ruling on Aereo.