How Popeyes Drummed Up Viewer Interest For Facebook Live Event

What Happened
Yesterday Popeyes hosted its first Facebook Live event to celebrate National Fried Chicken Day and connect with fans on Facebook. Broken into two sessions, the Popeyes Live Drive-Thru Bash was conducted with a simple set-up designed to mimic the drive-thru experience, with a high-energy comedian and a jazz musician addressing the viewers with trivia and music.

The kicker of the event, however, was that Popeyes handpicked some U.S. viewers who commented on the Live video post and rewarded them with a delivery of its $5 Boneless Wing Bash combo. Selected winners were announced by the host in real time and instructed to get in touch via private message to claim their free meals. So far, the two Live videos have racked up a total of over 47,000 views on Facebook.

What Brands Need To Do
While Popeyes is certainly not the first brand to host a Live event to engage with fans on social media, it is commendable for taking an extra step and adding real-time rewards into the event to entice viewer participation. As more and more brands start exploring Live videos and hosting live events, it is imperative that brands should try experimenting with the emerging format to stand out and keep viewers entertained. The high volume of engagement this event received provides a good example for brands looking to fully engage viewers during Live events and maximize the promotional impact.


Source: AdAge

Header image courtesy of Popeyes’ Facebook Live Video