Twitter Extends Pre-Rolls And Creates Paid Stickers For “Fantastic Beasts”

What Happened
Twitter announced today it is extending its Amplify Publisher program to individual video creators in the U.S., aiming to drum up video content to sell more pre-roll ads. Twitter is offering individual content creators 70% of ad revenue, which is higher than the 45 percent YouTube gives its creators, and does not require content exclusivity. Only creators approved by Twitter will be able to monetize their content through the program, which first opened to publishers last fall.

In related news, Warner Bros.launched a set of Twitter stickers to promote its upcoming “Harry Potter” spinoff “Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them,” making it the first entertainment brand to use paid Twitter stickers for its campaign. Earlier this month, Pepsi released a set of custom Twitter stickers to engage with Twitter users.

What Brands Need To Do
In-feed video ads on Twitter benefits from its context and produces better recall compared to other pre-roll ads, as our recent media trial concluded. Twitter’s searchable stickers are an extension of the emoji marketing that many brands including Coca-Cola and Toyota have experimented with. As Twitter continues to improve its various ad products to appeal to brand marketers in the hope of boosting its ad revenues, it is up to brand marketers to figure out which ad unit fits best for your campaigns.


Sources :AdWeek & Variety

Twitter Opens Ad Network For Pre-Roll Video Ads

What Happened
Twitter is getting serious about video ads. The microblogging social network has expanded its Amplify program to include an ad network for pre-roll video on Twitter which allows marketers to  to automatically place six-second ads before videos professionally created by a wide range of publishers across the TV and digital publishing industries including Fox, MTV, Univision, BuzzFeed, Vox Media, and AOL.

What Brands Need To Do
Taking a page out of YouTube’s playbook, this new pre-roll ad network will no doubt bolster Twitter’s video ad capabilities. With the launch of the “Moments” feature earlier this week, Twitter now has a great channel to package its video content and deliver it via neatly curated collections to audiences based on their varying interests. Pre-roll ads offer a great spot to connect with the audience in a native way, and brands seeking to amplify their social reach should definitely take this new ad network into consideration.


Source: The Wall Street Journal

Google To Make YouTube’s Pre-roll Ads “Shoppable”

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Google announced the new ad format at Wednesday’s Ad:Tech SF meeting that adds “shoppable” elements to YouTube’s pre-roll ads, also known as TrueView ads. Now in some pre-roll ads, viewers will start seeing product offers, complete with prices, images, and a link to the advertiser’s website.  Online furniture retailer Wayfair and cosmetics retailer Sephora are among early partners to test this new feature, with both reporting positive feedback. But whether YouTube viewers will click “shop” instead of “skip” is still up for debate and largely depends on the execution.

Overall, the new addition to YouTube came as a part of Google’s recent push for monetization across its platforms. Last week, reports surfaced that Google is planning to add “buy buttons” to its paid search results on mobile devices. Similarly, as part of a new advertising partnership inked last month, the search giant has also tweaked the layout of mobile search results to incorporate real-time updates from Twitter, extending the reach of branded tweets to mobile searchers.