Intel CES 2013 Announcements

Marketing and quad-core processors don’t necessarily go hand in hand, but Intel’s chips actually power many of today’s smartphones, tablets and computers which allow us to enjoy the high-tech media experiences of today. Intel enables robust gaming on tablets and is responsible for the shrinking computers as processors get smaller and smaller. They’ve also forged an interesting partnership with Comcast to power second screen viewing. Needless to say, we were at the press conference to take some notes.

Smartphones: Intel is taking a crack at the emerging smartphone market in developing nations with their new Atom chip, Z2420 which is 1.2 GHz and optimized to run Android apps speedily. Acer and Lava will develop the hardware for these phones in the future.

Tablets: The first quad-core Atom chip, dubbed “Bay Trail” comes to Windows 8 and Android tablets later in 2013. Better battery life, cheaper prices and twice the performance of the previous generation.

PCs: Releasing new 7W Core processor shipping to manufactures today. Allows for devices to be 20% thinner with superior performance. Also releasing 4th generation Core for ultrabooks which can accomodate 13 hours of battery life and an ultrabook that’s less than a half inch thick. Wow.

Perceptual Computing: Intel is developing a package in partnership with Nuance that allows for more natural interfaces incorporating voice controls, facial recognition security systems, eye tracking and more.

Comcast Partnership: Intel will be partnering with Comcast to let customers view live and on-demand TV on Intel-powered device via Intel Puma 6MG-based XG5 multiscreen video gateway.