“FutureShop” SXSW Panel Discusses QR Codes and NFC

Having spent ample time delving into NFC and QR codes at the Lab, I arrived at the “FutureShop: Virtual QR Stores, NFC Receipts & More” SXSW panel excited but wondering if we’d hear much new.  Although the technological side of the conversation covered familiar terrain, the panelists converged on an interesting theme—that while NFC technology is exciting in and of itself it needs to be tied to a real value proposition to entice consumers.

Manoj Lamba, the Global Digital Marketing Manager for Levi Strauss,  explained that mobile wallets have fallen flat largely because companies aren’t tying in the experience to social media, loyalty, and rewards.  On the whole the panel was optimistic that brick and mortar stores can use technology to create engaging experiences that combat the  threat of consumers stalking their aisles armed with price comparison apps.  The takeaway was simply that you can’t expect the technology to do all the work on its own— you need to use it to solve real consumer problems.