Jaguar To Bring Quantified Self Into Cars

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Jaguar is bringing biometric tracking to future Jaguar models for smarter safety and security solutions. The British carmaker is planning to track the driver’s heart rate, and breathing, and even brainwaves in order to monitor the alert level of the driver. Combined with actionable notifications, Jaguar imagines it being particularly important for the self-driving cars in the future.

In order to measure all these biometric data without trapping drivers in a heavy helmet, Jaguar is reportedly testing a “medical-grade sensor” embedded in a seat that monitors heart rate and breathing through vibrations, as well as a brainwave-monitoring sensor embedded in the steering wheel.

If it came to realization, this would offer brands a lot of benefits as well, and not just for those in healthcare or pharma. For instance, a local coffee shop can push for a timely caffeine fix when the driver is detected sleepy. Similarly, this could let brands know when not to bother the drivers if they are stressed. Overall, it would make connected car more in touch with the driver.