New Tracking App Targets Non-Athletes

Many athletic types – and people who just want to track their daily activities – are already familiar with wearables like FitBit, and Nike’s several offerings. RunKeeper is amongst these apps as well, as an app designed to target runners who want to know more details about their habits and running statistics. But RunKeeper is targeting non-athletes with its newest offering, called Breeze, which launches on Thursday. The app tracks all daily activity – from steps, to food eaten – through the smartphone itself, without additional wearables. It promises the convenience of many of the wearables before it, but without the purchase of additional devices to keep track of your activity. It works through the iPhone’s M7Coprocessor, which allows the app to pull location and accelerometer data without putting undue strain on the phone’s battery. As phones themselves become more advanced, expect to see tracking apps like this pop up more frequently, as there is a proven desire on the part of consumers to learn more about their daily habits and lives with this additional data.