Pinterest Narrows Ad Focus To Retail And CPG To Match Users’ Interest

What Happened
In a bid to restructure its ad sales and focus its resources on key categories that match the interests of its users, Pinterest has announced that it will slim down its ad team support to brands in retail and consumer packaged goods. Brands in other categories are still welcomed to buy ads on its site, but only through either a self-serve interface, or a third-party ad tech platform that works with Pinterest.

What Brands Need To Do
This adjustment should come as good news for brands in retail and CPG, as they can receive more attention and hands-on support from Pinterest, therefore offering them a better chance target Pinterest users. However, for brands in other verticals that have been using Pinterest as a marketing channel, the news should serve as a prompt to reevaluate their communications strategy and ad spending on Pinterest.

Source: Wall Street Journal

McDonald’s To Replace Cashiers With Self-Service Kiosks

What Happened
McDonald’s is reportedly planning to roll out self-service kiosks in stores across the country that will enable customers to place and pay for their order by themselves. Meant to streamline and accelerate the ordering process and cut down labor cost for the fast food franchise, this touch screen technology could also offer customers more customization options, as well as further integrating other digital assets such as loyalty program and mobile payment into this point of sale system.

What Brands Should Do
For retailers and other brands looking to experiment with this kind of self-service system, the first step would be figuring out how to create a user-friendly interface. Moreover, finding the right digital service vendors to partner with would be crucial to fully tap into the potential of such digital integration at point of sale to improve the overall in-store experience.


Source: Business Insider