“Slow Media” asks quality over quantity

I recently attended a client summit in Berlin and had the opportunity to meet renowned European Media Consultant and Researcher, Joerg Blumtritt. With his peers Sabria David and Benedikt Koehler, Joerg developed the Slow Media Manifesto. Taking a page from the Slow Food Movement, Slow Media offers a new take on the ever-more overwhelming media universe we live in; key is quality over quantity in our media production and consumption. I sat down for an email chat with Joerg to find out more about the roots of Slow Media, and what it means for advertisers, brands, and consumers.

Lab: What is slow media and why does it matter now?

JB: Slow Media is about taking care: to carefully spend your time, not to waste it with media consumption that is  not worthwhile, and – even more important – to take responsibility in creating media that gives value to people’s life. Continue reading ““Slow Media” asks quality over quantity”