H&M’s Shoppable TV Spot

H&M will be running a Super Bowl spot promoting some lovely briefs donned by David Beckham. Even more interesting than David Beckham’s Bodywear, is the T-Commerce integration which will allow viewers receive more information in addition to purchasing items directly from their Samsung Smart TV. If QVC is any indication, the marriage of content and commerce could be very lucrative for brands and advertisers.

Doritos’ Crash the Super Bowl Ad Contest Is Now Global

The now infamous “Crash the Super Bowl” contest is now open to people in all 46 countries in which its chips are sold. In previous years the contest was only open to U.S. customers, but by going global the PepsiCo brand is hoping for more quality submissions, and is simultaneously banking on a vastly increased PR reach in light of American Football’s growing global presence. The core of the contest is the same: Doritos will air two user-generated ads during the Super Bowl, one selected by fan votes and the other by the Doritos marketing team. In its firm belief that good, creative content can come from anywhere, Doritos is putting its stake into its customer base more than ever before, extending the contest over multiple social media platforms.