Mobiquity And Screenvision Bringing Beacons To Movie Theaters

What Happened
Cinema advertising company Screenvision has struck a partnership with shopping mall-based beacon ad network Mobiquity Networks to bring beacons to 300 movie theaters across the states. Screenvision advertisers will have the option of sending mobile ads, triggered by the beacons, to consumers when they’re in the lobby of the theater, or when they are in one of the over 475 shopping malls equipped with Mobiquity’s beacons. The app will be one of the apps used for identifying the beacons and collecting anonymous consumer data. Mobiquity has yet to disclose the other third-party apps involved.

What Brands Need To Do
Beacons have become an increasingly popular tool for retailers to acquire consumer data and bridge in-store experiences and the digital. By bringing beacons to movie theaters, this partnership should extend the reach of pre-show ads and movie trailers, helping advertisers to connect with movie-goers beyond the cinemas. For example, retail brands with stores located in shopping malls should consider advertising in the theater within the mall so that they can retarget the movie-goers walking past their in-mall storefront after leaving the theater. Similarly, an entertainment brand can use beacon-triggered messages to remind customers of the trailer they once saw when the movie is released.


Source: Marketing Land