Trolli Creates Facebook Chatbot That Engages Users With Mini-Games

What Happened
On Tuesday, candy brand Trolli launched a Facebook Messenger chatbot that aims to engage users with a series of interactive quizzes, GIFs, and real-life rewards. The personality quizzes will assign users to three different personas corresponding to three different Trolli flavors, which each come with their own branded content to further engage customers. The “crawler,” for example, gives users a digital pet to take care of and the “blast” will dispense memes and GIFs to amuse fans on a daily basis. The company is buying ads on Facebook and other social channels to promote the chatbot and will also reward participating consumers with free candy they can redeem through Trolli’s website.

What Brands Need To Do
Unlike many other Facebook chatbots brands have developed that focus on customer service or other utilities, this Trolli chatbot stands out for the way it aims to engage consumers with gamified conversations and real-life rewards. With more and more smartphone users adopting messaging apps as their primary communication channel, it is time for brands to consider developing chatbots in order to reach prospective customers.

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Source: AdWeek