Is Vevo Morphing Into The Old MTV Channel?

Besides its vast library of music videos and live performances, streaming website Vevo is betting big on original contents like artist interviews, news recaps, and more. Vevo claims that with pre-roll ads and branded content, original videos now accounts for about a third of the company’s revenue. At a time when MTV has long moved on from its music programming, it’s nice to see a new OTT service picking up the baton.

Apple Pushes Streaming Video At SXSW

Apple announced that it will stream SXSW events via VEVO, a rare partnership with Google-related products that banks heavily on streaming video and SXSW’s popularity – particularly in light of streaming’s rise in popularity and YouTube’s attempt to break into streaming music and video services with auto play. For SXSW, Vevo apps presently available on iOS and Apple TV will allow users to watch the festival live across devices. As with past years viewers will be able to watch through the iTunes store. It’s a sign of the times, really, that Apple needs to get its content across as many devices as possible, to get to viewers wherever it is that they want to be watching. As we’ve seen at SXSW so far, content that puts audiences first is winning. 

Chromecast Now Supports Vevo, Songza, Others

Google’s Chromecast over-the-top smart TV solution has been gaining popularity since its release, but the limited stable of apps from familiar online content providers has been preventing a mass user-base from developing. Today Google announced the device’s support for 10 new third-party apps from companies like Vevo, Songza, and Plex.  Plex is especially interesting, as it is quite popular with home theater enthusiasts, and thus could bring the Chromecast into more critical media serving applications.  Be on the lookout for more Chromecast apps in coming months from similar vendors, because this is certainly not the last drop of apps for the device.

Vevo Coming To Apple TV and Samsung Smart TV

Vevo, the leader in music videos, has inked a deal to bring their service to Apple TV and Samsung Smart TVs. The deal will deliver on-demand content to the two OTT platforms while expanding Vevo’s presence beyond YouTube. Over-The-Top video has plenty of functionality but lacks the breadth of content required to push it into the mainstream, so we’ll see if they can sign anymore major content partners down the road.