How IBM Is Using Weather Data For Hyperlocal Marketing

What Happened
Since acquiring all the digital and data assets of The Weather Company last October, IBM has been looking to integrate the weather data into its marketing solution. Now the company has announced that it is combining The Weather Company’s data with Watson’s cognitive computing to create a powerful tool for personalized marketing based on hyperlocal weather forecasts. Users of IBM’s Marketing Cloud platform can implement weather-related triggers, and IBM is aiming to eventually make it capable of predicting the impact of a “weather event” on future sales.

What Brands Need To Do
Weather can affect store traffic and people’s moods, so it makes sense for IBM to integrate weather data into its marketing platform. By adding another hyperlocal dimension to its contextual ad tools, IBM is making a compelling case for brand marketers to try out its ad platform and adopt a data-driven approach.  


Source:  Ad Exchanger

Songza Recommends Music Based On Weather

Music streaming service, Songza has partnered with Weather Channel to offer music recommendations tailored to local weather conditions. Advertisers have been using weather data to affect marketing budgets for some time, realizing it’s powerful impact on sales. For Songza, weather plays as much a role in mood as music, so it makes sense to incorporate that data when making music suggestions. As we continue to glean more insights from big data, look for even more sophisticated algorithms which will anticipate what media we want before we even know it.