Yo For Free Moto Smartwatches

Motorola has teamed up with Yo to launch a giveaway campaign on the minimalist messaging app. Yesterday 20 new Moto 360 smartwatches were given away gratis to the first 20 users who “Yo’ed” Moto’s account and clicked on the hyperlink embedded in the returned Yo. This is not the first time a major brand has experimented with Yo, but it did move beyond mere notifications and properly utilized some of Yo’s new features. As the user size of Yo keeps growing, more brands can be expected to follow their audience and try out this new platform.

Why Publishers Are Trying Out “Yo”

Publishers like WSJ and Buzzfeed are dipping their toes into the notorious “Yo” app to tap into its sizable audience. With its newly added functions of embedded links and hashtags, Yo has become more marketer-friendly, and publishers are among the first to take advantage of it. The one-word-only messaging app attracted a considerable amount of users with its simple, gimmicky concept early on, and marketers always follow where the audience goes.