New secret Microsoft tablet revealed

Microsoft Courier unveiled (Gizmodo)Late last week Gizmodo revealed details about a secret Microsoft tablet codenamed “Courier.” The mockup video and photos show a dual-screen, book-shaped device about the size of a small business planner. Though historically tablet computing has not been a particularly hot topic, this sleek device has a number of features that could potentially be a game-changer for the software giant.

Based on the video expose and leaked images, the device sports a slick multi-touch interface. Tasks and apps can be manipulated via fingertip or stylus and flicked between screens a la-iPhone. The Courier supposedly supports WiFi & 3G as well as fully functional browser. The tablet also is expected to sport a camera and an inductive charger that would allow you to simply drop it onto a charging pad rather than tether it up to an AC power supply or cradle. Continue reading “New secret Microsoft tablet revealed”

Zeebo, Zeemote, and Zinio liven up CTIA

CTIA This year’s CTIA conference in Las Vegas was lacking luster in both attendance and truly innovative solutions.  Present were the usual suspects such as the obligatory “Watch Phones” which we have seen year after year, but never seem to make it into the consumer markets.  Rows of vendors hawking glittery phone sleeves for every phone produced since the Motorola Brick.  And suction-cup phone mounts for every possible occasion…

Fortunately, amidst the unending piles of wireless headsets, I was able to catch a few good “Zs”:

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