IBM Touts Media Adoption For Content Owners

A new report just released by IBM reinforces the idea that media companies must start loosening their group on their content if they want to play within the new digital landscape. According to the report, a storm is brewing between large scale content owners (which encompass game & film studios and record labels.) and distributors. This conflict, which IBM refers to as the “digital divide,” is going to center on the divided interests inherent for each type of business. 

IBM’s solution to the problem is multifaceted, but it, in part, deals with both groups exploring ideas beyond new platform aggregation services that involve deals between major media companies and smaller companies that focus on user-generated content. Examples of this type of partnership includes MTV’s work with Atom Entertainment and News Corporation’s work with MySpace. 

Instead, content owners need to start exploring new “hyper-syndication” models, such as how to properly distribute their existing content over the BitTorrent file-sharing application, and content distributors need to start examining walled content communities that specialize in niche and community driven content. 

All in all, the report is a fascinating read if you have time for 36 pages of charts and analysis. Otherwise, the executive summary is available Here.