Recent Lab Visitors

I wanted to point Future of Media readers to some of the interesting technology providers, publishers and vendors that have visited the lab over the last few weeks to share their latest offerings:

Passenger: Presented their private online community platform which allows brands, advertisers and others to aggregate key audiences into a closed environment where they may discuss or collaborate on products, services, content… becoming a virtual focus group of sorts.

Snap2Link: Demo’d some impressive mobile visual recognition software. The technology recognizes stationary images of all types as well as moving images in online video or broadcast that is photographed from your camera phone. It will send the associated product/brand URL back to your mobile device.

Clearspring: showed us how to create, manage deploy and measure widgets using their simple web application.

Muvee: already pre-installed in millions of PC’s & digital cameras, Muvee is launching a slick new movie/music quick edit app that allows users to mash up their digital movies and pictures on the fly.

Navic: Navic demo’d the Admira platform which allows media buyers to bid for spot cable based on multiple targeting criteria….think search marketing’s rules based bidding tools, but for the spot cable world.

Tivo: Tivo dropped by to train us on their StopWatch reporting service. StopWatch has rich, flexible data that is easy to sort by program, advertiser, creative, daypart and many other variables. The results are powerful insights and numbers regarding commercial viewing in Tivo households.