UGC in Halo 3

ImageBungie/Microsoft will have two User Generated Content components included in next weeks highly anticipated Halo 3 release: Saved Films and Forge.

Saved Films will allow players to replay all in game action from first person, orbiting and flying cam views. Users can review replays with teammates to refine strategy and share highlights with friends. Kotaku has Bungie’s great video demo of Save Films.

Forge lets players tweak and customize maps using existing equipment and machinery found throughout the Halo 3 landscapes and share the new environments with their friends for future gameplay.

While UGC is not new to the gaming world, the developers of Halo are building in UGC functionality and encouraging sharing of new maps and gameplay highlights across Halo Nation. Stay tuned to see how this new content is used by the Halo community for fun mashups, new gameplay strategy and possibly profit.