Sony Releases First Playstation 3 Advertising

PainSony’s made its first foray into the dynamic advertising space with the release of Pain, a downloadable game for the PS3 that allows players to use a giant slingshot to shoot a small person into objects. Advertising can be placed on billboards that the person flies past.

So, yeah, dynamic advertising on video game consoles has been around for a while. It’s not really available on the Wii yet, but Xbox has had it practically since they purchased Massive Interactive last year. What’s cool about this move, though, is that not only is Sony using Nielsen to monitor metrics for the system, but they’re also going to offer variable price rates dependant on how many people are playing the game at any time, a number that’s going to be monitored by Nielsen.


The idea of using essentially CPM measurements to determine the cost of in-game advertising is an interesting one. Traditionally, prices for in-game advertising have been based on projected sales figures for games, but, initially, at least, Sony’s going to set the price at about $30 CPM, and the presumably adjust it based off of the figures it receives from Nielsen.